Friday, May 25, 2018

Nest Eggs

Forgive me Father for I have Sinned

Last week had a severe electrical storm with extremely heavy winds that pulled up trees, throwing them onto houses and cars.   It also left many in thousands in New Jersey without power for several days.  I was a more fortunate than many as to only losing one small tree and without power for 24 hours.

This week when the weather cleared, I decided to up root the tree and rid it's mangled leaves and branches.  Two house Finches were chirping up a storm and flitting about the fence near me.  Well, upon chopping the branches up, I noticed this nest with one egg in it.  This is the nest of the angry House Finches that return every year to start a family.

Looking down, I saw two smashed eggs on the ground and one still in tact.  Placing the uncracked egg in the nest, I placed the nest into a different tree in hopes Mr & Mrs FHouse Finch would find it.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case and the two Birds abandoned the nest.

I feel bad for what I did and now the House Finches will not have a family to raise this Summer.  My wife tells me that they will build a new nest and start anew.  I hope this is true.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Angels are Closer than you Think

Angels are Closer than you Think

Angels are always around us, even when we have our doubts.  As they are around us, some rarely are in tune with their messages as we live in the present and conscious state.

A few signs that an Angel is present and watching over you:
  • Feathers:  Finding them where normally they wouldn't be found.
  • Numbers: Patterns of numbers are sure signs that an Angel is trying to communicate with you.  11:11 or 444 are perfect examples.
  • Rainbows:  If seen when there clearly isn't rain is a true sign or their presence.
  • Scents:  A sudden sweet, pleasant aroma of flowers coming from nowhere is known to have Angels present.
  • Feeling like you are being touched:  That tingling sensation running up and down your spine is one way an Angel tries to communicate with you.
  • Light Flashes:  Usually seen just outside your peripheral vision is a sign that Angels are near.

Angels are here with use, if you believe it or not.  Have the faith and communicate with an Angel!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Even if it's Plastic

It's going to be a beautiful day!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Metro-North 4093

Racing the river is the Metro-North GP40FH-2M No. 4093.  Her stately stature hauls along steady as she pulls a line of NJ Transit Coaches.  Catch the train on time will get you there by nine.  My timing was perfect to capture this beauty of a beast! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sudden Change

A day to have Fun
Leave to the Village
A turn for the Worse
Spun with a Spillage

A sudden Event
Changed lives Forever
All in God's hand Now
In hands so Clever

A life that is Taken
And a life that is Spared
Taketh their Children
As if never Cared

A plan that is Set
Of what we not Know
So young to have Gone
Before they could Grow

We all bow our Heads
With tears that are True
Lives have been Taken
That we never Knew

My heart too cries Out
For I was once There
Many Years Ago
In God's hands with Care

The poem above took only minutes to write for it warrant to be dedicated to the two lives that were lost in a devastating school bus crash on Route i80 early this morning while on their way to a field trip.  It was over forty years ago when I was caught in the same scenario being in a school bus coming home from a field trip and struck by a dump truck.  Though today was less fortunate as a Child and Teacher are now in God's hands.  My heart cries out to all those who are suffering now.

Love & Prayers to family and loved ones!