Friday, August 21, 2015

My very first post on the internet back in March 2014.  Though not a very long time ago, but this image is the one that inspired me to start sharing what I have seen through my eyes.

From this, I decided to create a website entitled: Forsakenly Departed.  A website made completely from scratch that's very easy to navigate which makes it extremely user friendly!  Here you will see all original photography of Abandoned Buildings, Automobiles, Trains and whatever else someone has left to Rot and Decay.

And yes... I'm one who is better known of having "Tapholilia." In case you don't know what my addiction is, it's anyone who is a Cemetery Enthusiast Tourists, Grave Hunter which depicts anyone who has a passion for Grave Yards and Cemeteries to see the various Tombstones and Angelic Statues. To some it may be Morbid, but to the contrary it's quite peaceful seeing beauty where most don't normally seek to look.

So in addition to the Abandoned & Decayed, Cemeteries, Tombstones as well as other Oddities that might awaken the Senses and Stimulate the Mind, there will be other interesting areas to explore and throw you a curve. 

I've been inspired by so many beautiful people by sharing their wonderful photographs and stories with me.  Now it's my turn to share with you and the rest of the World what my eyes see as beauty!

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Unkle Steve