Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All That Shit!

~ SHIT ~

You Buy and Sell Shit
And find a place to put your Shit
So you don't lose your Shit
Or you'll Shit or go Blind
So don't forget your Shit

If you can't find your Shit
The Shit hits the Fan
And you'll have a Shit Fit
Then Shit your life Away
Telling everyone to Eat Shit and Die

Then you'll get all depressed and get Shit-Faced
Cause you don't Give a Shit
And be Shit out of Luck
Unless you Step in Shit
And become a Lucky Shit

You can have not enough Shit
Or way too much Shit
Just enough Shit
Or someone else's Shit
Asking: "What the Hell is this Shit?"

You can Feel like Shit
Cause you caught some Shit
From eating Rotten Shit
That made you Shit your Brains Out
Causing you to Smell like Shit

You can have a Shitty Day
Cause it's the same old Shit
That same Shit, different Day
And the same Shit, with a different Smell
Doing this, that and the other Shit

You can Smoke Shit
That can be Good Shit
Or some Bad Shit
Or possibly some Funky Shit
That will turn you into some Weird Shit

One can step in a Rose Bush coming out smelling like Shit
Or swim in a Lake of Shit coming out smelling like a Rose
Be served Shit on a Shingle
Or receive Shit on a Stick
By getting the Shit end of the Stick

You can go Ape Shit
By Shooting the Shit
Are you Shitting me?
I Shit you Not
For Shits Sake

For People:

You can be a piece of Shit
Or a Shit Stain
There are Little Shits
And Big Shits
And those who think they are Hot Shit

There are Shit-Heads
Who will Shit all over You
Treating you like Dog Shit
To be covered in Shit
So, don't take their Shit

There are Dumb-Shits
Who don't know Shit from Shinola
Or don't know Shit about Shit
And they don't do Shit
Cause they have Shit for Brains

There are Bull Shit Artists
That are a Crock of Shit
Lieing Sack of Shit
Telling you a bunch of Horse Shit
That ain't worth Shit

There are Chicken Shits
Who are scared Shitless
And will Shit a Brick
When they're in for some Shit
From Crazy ass Shits, hence Batshit

So, Shit or get off the Pot
And get your Shit Together
Cause once you know your Shit
You need not to know Shit
And be happier than a Pig in Shit

This Shit might get Flagged
Cause I told you too much Shit
Cause the Authorities will Shit a Brick
Then I'll be up Shit's Creek
But really, I don't Give a Shit

Or two Shits for that matter

Indeed, the word "Shit" is probably the most powerful word in the English Language!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fear of the Unknown

As he instructed me to come follow, I was reluctant in doing so in fear of the unknown.  Yet I continued to follow apprehensively into what I thought was not a wise place to go.  But it seems we all fear in what or where the unknown is as it makes us overanxious.

But riddle me this: The known and unknown are known and unknown, while the known as known is known.  We all know that the unknown as known is unknown and the unknown as unknown is known.  True to fact that the known as unknown is unknown and known that is unknown are truly not known.

As stated, what we don't know frightens us and truth in the hands of God is that fear is ninety five percent a lie.  That is known!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

She's the Only One for Me

There she was…  In the spot light.

She stood out over all the other girls with all the glitters and glamour.  She was everything that I could ever imagine and more.  Her dance moves were so angelic as shelved so fluidly across the stage.  Like no other, her soulful voice floated me away like a feather in a hurricane into oblivion.

As she softly whispered the lyrics "I'll Always Love You Forever" she was looking right into my eyes.  Stunned in a daze, my heart was beating beyond the normal heart-rate that I could hardly contain myself.

This is it…  She is the one, the only one…  For me…  Until I discovered that she wasn't…

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clinton Road

Wait a Moment

Clinton Road?
Black Pickup?
The late Jiles Jones House?

Is this real or is it all a mere Coincidence?

Clinton Road in New Jersey has a Lexicon of Legends, Myths and Tales that have been told through generations of time.  If you want to know about one of the legends of what is considered one of the most haunted roads in the world.  Why not e-mail me for next months news letter which will feature the Legend of the Phantom Truck.

Simply click on Forsakenly Departed's Contact Page envelope and request to be on the monthly Newsletter that's released the first of every month!

See you there!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Red Tail Hawk

Hiking in the forest today a Red Tail Hawk majestically flew over my head and perched itself on a branch just above me.  It looked at me for at least two minutes before it took off, disappearing into the thick forest.

It is said:
If a Hawk shows up, it means:  I'm caught up in too many details and have to step back and get a greater perspective on the situation.  I must stay alert and focus on the task, eliminating as many distractions as possible.  To spend the time observing and studying the situation.  And when the time is right, I must take action swiftly and decisively.

I am to pay very close attention to my surroundings as I am about to receive a very important message.  I am to be aware of any personal or psychic attacks from anything or anyone and to be prepared to defend myself at any given moment.  I must stop trying to change others or the situation, yet not accepting things just as they are.

This is what the Hawk does and how it lives.  This is someone's Spirit Animal who has come to give my Spirit Animal, the Wolf a sign.  I am to acknowledge this sign and heed forthright!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Be Brave ~ We Can Soar

Although we are flightless, we can Soar
Without try, we will never be Sure
To be afraid, is to not take Risk
Not being bold, swift or to be Brisk

It is by risk, we learn to be Brave
To take a chance is to fuel our Crave
And if we fail the attempt to Soar
Like I said, we will never be Sure

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cupid Angel

I am not one to violate the law and cross the line to get somewhere I'm not supposed to...  Wait, I just lied for I'm always crossing the line to get somewhere I shouldn't be trespassing.   To capture this beauty was no exception.

I was touring a famous historical castle and noticed in one of the rooms that was roped off a painting on the ceiling with a chandelier obstructing the view.  I walked along the roped off area trying to see exactly what it was to no avail.

I looked to my left, I looked to my right and I looked behind me to see if the coast was clear.  Very Stealth like I hopped over the red velvet ropes as I slinked about ten paces to get to where I wanted to be.  I looked up and aimed the camera to photograph a beautifully hand painted Cupid Angel as my Wife was yelling at me in a whispering voice so not to draw attention.

The rest of the ceiling was painted over except for this wonderful Cupid Angel that has been on display since the castle was constructed in 1892.  Though I don't promote this trespassing and going places your not allowed...  It was certainly worth the risk to capture this beautiful piece of art and share with you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Great Notch Inn

A modern world was built around her, but she continues to hold her ground.  Just a few short months ago in April of 2016, the Wrecking Ball was on it's way to demolish the Great Notch Inn forever, only to lay down a new highway interchange.  For the last 92 years this once General Store in front and a Bootlegging operation in back as well as the Green Chateau hotel was built long before highway Route 46.

It's no wonder the Town's People of Little Falls, New Jersey spoke up!  Rich Hemple, the Bar's Owner states that they're "Old School" here.  "Pound for pound some of the best entertainment you can find."  That leaves no room for debate to the Locals who visit regularly because they are treated like family.

So, the next time you're in Little Falls, New Jersey...  Stop by the Great Notch Inn and visit old friends or to make new ones.  It's been a while now and I feel my time is due to pop in this legendary bar which just might fall into the Historical category one day!

Peace, Love & Happiness!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

The atmosphere was extremely heavy to the point of having difficulty breathing.  I walked out my front door to fetch the morning paper as beads of perspiration instantly formed on my forehead.  A scorcher of a day was upon us as I was already expressing the discomfort level that we have been experiencing the past few days.

As evening rolled in, the combining effects of the temperature and humidity in the air clashed like Titans that created an extravaganza lightning display with the thundering claps of the Cumulonimbus Clouds.  A down pour so intense, the visibility hardly got you across the street to see the neighboring yards.

It was hot, it was wet and it was unbearable.  Mother Nature was violating our patience and pushed us all to our limits.  Yes, it was only six months ago during the sub-zero temperatures with ice and snow when we couldn't wait until Summer.  When the weather was warmer and we could shed the extra clothing.  Well, here it is my friends, the Dog Days of Summer and there's only so much clothing you can shed before making a spectacle of oneself.

These days won't last long and before you know it it will be below the freezing mark on our thermometers and we'll start complaining again that it's too cold.

Enjoy these Dog Days of Summer!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Whether the Weather be Hot

Whether the Weather be Hot
Whether we like it or Not
Whether the Weather we Got
Whether our nerves are all Shot

Whether the Weather be Rain
Whether we all feel the Pain
Whether the Weather we Bane
Whether our minds still stay Sane

Whether the Weather be Warm
Wether it's out of the Norm
Whether how the clouds will Form
Whether we all brave the Storm

Whether the Weather be Cold
However the Weather is Told
Whatever the Weather we Hold
Whether how it all unfolds

Whether the Weather be Hot
Whether we like it or Not
Whether our nerves are all Shot
It's the only Weather we Got

Thursday, August 11, 2016

One of these Things

One of these Things
Is not like the Others
One of these Thing
Just doesn't Belong
Can you tell which Thing
Is not like the Others
By the time I
Finish my Song

Did you guess which Thing
Is not like the Others
Did you guess which Thing
Just doesn't Belong
If you guessed the one to the Right
Is not like the Others

Then you're absolutely Correct!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Karma ~ What Comes Around Goes Around

It's Ironic how Life Works

An Aardvark, when alive will feast on a million Ants.  But when the Aardvark dies, a million Ants will feast on the Aardvark.  Time and Circumstance can change in an instant and without warning.

Don't Devalue, Degrade or Harm anyone mentally or physically in life.  You may have the upper hand and power today, but tomorrow it may all change.  Time rules all and is far more powerful than anyone.

Aswe all know that one Tree can make a million Matchsticks.  But it will only take one Matchstick to burn a million Trees.

Lesson Learned...  Be Good and Do Good to Others.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Libby's Texas Weiners

Make no Mistake

Libby's Texas Wieners on McBride Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey just can't be beat. Established in 1936, they still are continuing that Old Fashion Charm and great All American Comfort Food.  Hot Chili Dogs, Burgers and Taylor Ham and Cheese Sandwiches!  All to die for.

They are still in operation, so don't let this weathered sign on an abandoned building fool you as I was at first.  Simply walk up a half block and you see a neat and clean intimate style diner to sit down, relax and enjoy the family atmosphere.  Any out of towner makes it a point to stop and binge on this historic cuisine.

Start your tradition today and if you leave hungry...  Well, that's your fault!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Modern Day Appliances


The amenities are endless with the latest in Home Appliances.  From cooking to cleaning and making your life easy, so you can enjoy what really matters.  Your life! Why dwell on chores with excruciating Elbow Grease rubbing your clothes against rocks to get those grass stains out.  Why slave over a sweltering campfire cooking the Venison Grandpa got.

Today, everything is all right here at your finger tips as you effortlessly multitask preparing a meal for the family and making sure your Husband looks his best for the Bank & Loan Company.  Don't forget about yourself when it's all said and done, to relax by the fireplace sipping Uncle Jeb's secret brewed recipe.

Ah, the Good Life!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Capture the Moment

I have always envied those who can capture a moment in time when photographing people.  Try as I might...  I never seem to emulate what others do so effortlessly.  Aim with the camera on the subject quickly and capture the moment in a split second. Easy, right?  Wrong!  At least for me anyway.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park enjoying the sights and of course taking some photographs.  With all the people touring and hanging out, you'd think it would be easy to take a few candids and come home with something worth keeping.  This newlywed couple are the only ones that I made it a point to take photographs of.  Trying to be Stealth-Like and capture the perfect moment, I snapped the shutter of my camera once, twice, then a few more times.  This is the only one photograph somewhat worth acknowledging.

I'll continue practicing this fine art of candid capturing in hopes that I can finally feel comfortable with it and produce something of value.  Meanwhile, I thinking about just sticking with photographing objects that don't move and what I normally present.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Great Falls of the Passaic River


Hidden beauty surrounded by a bustling metropolis lies the Great Falls in Patterson, New Jersey.  They are 77 feet (23 m) high and were formed at the end of the last ice age approximately 13,000 years ago.  Alexander Hamilton had a vision in 1778 as the Great Falls to power a multitude of industries along the Passaic River which was a developed into what was called the "National Manufactory."  This was the Nation's first planned industrial city,

Today the waters still fall as they did for centuries and is now is protected as part of the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park administered by the National Park Service.

Here, an Artist takes the time to view the beauty of the Great Falls and render it in an oil painting.  He was kind enough to allow me to take a photograph as he masterly executes his artistry!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Special Day

As many of you already know, I'm not one to flood the Media Network with Selfies and scream to the World how beautiful I look...  Cause normally that isn't the case.  When looking back at the few photographs I did post of myself, the environment in which I am standing is in such a bad state that it actually enhanced my appearance.  Sort of like an optical illusion.

So today being a somewhat different day, I decided to present a different image thatnwhat is normally featured.  Now before you start questioning my motives and thinking that I've turned over a new leave trademarking a new format.  Don't get your hopes up, because this erratic behavior will not last.

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is an old photograph of me back when I was just a wee tot.  My Auntie took this when she was babysitting.  Look closely, she had to tie me down on the chair with an apron as even back then I couldn't sit still.  Those of you who really know me recognize that this still holds true today.

Hope you all have a Wonderful & Blessed Day!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Forsakenly Departed ~ August Updates


Your baggage is now at the end of the line.  This of service Baggage Car sits listless on the Morristown & Erie line.  Decaying away for several years now in hopes that one day will be restored and presented as she was in her day.

Claim you baggage here before it's gone forever!


Once the largest mines in New Jersey, now sits in despair for centuries.  Although the Hibernia Mines today are not in operation, they are inhabited by thousands of Brown Bats and protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

The temperature drops and the Bats will fly as you tour the abandoned village.


The age old legend tells the story as Bloody Mary is called upon, she will appear and conduct horrific acts onto you.  Are you brave enough to stand alone in a candle lit bathroom and whisper Bloody Mary three times and take on the consequences?

Learn of her origin and how this legend started generations ago.