Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All That Shit!

~ SHIT ~

You Buy and Sell Shit
And find a place to put your Shit
So you don't lose your Shit
Or you'll Shit or go Blind
So don't forget your Shit

If you can't find your Shit
The Shit hits the Fan
And you'll have a Shit Fit
Then Shit your life Away
Telling everyone to Eat Shit and Die

Then you'll get all depressed and get Shit-Faced
Cause you don't Give a Shit
And be Shit out of Luck
Unless you Step in Shit
And become a Lucky Shit

You can have not enough Shit
Or way too much Shit
Just enough Shit
Or someone else's Shit
Asking: "What the Hell is this Shit?"

You can Feel like Shit
Cause you caught some Shit
From eating Rotten Shit
That made you Shit your Brains Out
Causing you to Smell like Shit

You can have a Shitty Day
Cause it's the same old Shit
That same Shit, different Day
And the same Shit, with a different Smell
Doing this, that and the other Shit

You can Smoke Shit
That can be Good Shit
Or some Bad Shit
Or possibly some Funky Shit
That will turn you into some Weird Shit

One can step in a Rose Bush coming out smelling like Shit
Or swim in a Lake of Shit coming out smelling like a Rose
Be served Shit on a Shingle
Or receive Shit on a Stick
By getting the Shit end of the Stick

You can go Ape Shit
By Shooting the Shit
Are you Shitting me?
I Shit you Not
For Shits Sake

For People:

You can be a piece of Shit
Or a Shit Stain
There are Little Shits
And Big Shits
And those who think they are Hot Shit

There are Shit-Heads
Who will Shit all over You
Treating you like Dog Shit
To be covered in Shit
So, don't take their Shit

There are Dumb-Shits
Who don't know Shit from Shinola
Or don't know Shit about Shit
And they don't do Shit
Cause they have Shit for Brains

There are Bull Shit Artists
That are a Crock of Shit
Lieing Sack of Shit
Telling you a bunch of Horse Shit
That ain't worth Shit

There are Chicken Shits
Who are scared Shitless
And will Shit a Brick
When they're in for some Shit
From Crazy ass Shits, hence Batshit

So, Shit or get off the Pot
And get your Shit Together
Cause once you know your Shit
You need not to know Shit
And be happier than a Pig in Shit

This Shit might get Flagged
Cause I told you too much Shit
Cause the Authorities will Shit a Brick
Then I'll be up Shit's Creek
But really, I don't Give a Shit

Or two Shits for that matter

Indeed, the word "Shit" is probably the most powerful word in the English Language!

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