Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Great Notch Inn

A modern world was built around her, but she continues to hold her ground.  Just a few short months ago in April of 2016, the Wrecking Ball was on it's way to demolish the Great Notch Inn forever, only to lay down a new highway interchange.  For the last 92 years this once General Store in front and a Bootlegging operation in back as well as the Green Chateau hotel was built long before highway Route 46.

It's no wonder the Town's People of Little Falls, New Jersey spoke up!  Rich Hemple, the Bar's Owner states that they're "Old School" here.  "Pound for pound some of the best entertainment you can find."  That leaves no room for debate to the Locals who visit regularly because they are treated like family.

So, the next time you're in Little Falls, New Jersey...  Stop by the Great Notch Inn and visit old friends or to make new ones.  It's been a while now and I feel my time is due to pop in this legendary bar which just might fall into the Historical category one day!

Peace, Love & Happiness!

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