Monday, August 15, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

The atmosphere was extremely heavy to the point of having difficulty breathing.  I walked out my front door to fetch the morning paper as beads of perspiration instantly formed on my forehead.  A scorcher of a day was upon us as I was already expressing the discomfort level that we have been experiencing the past few days.

As evening rolled in, the combining effects of the temperature and humidity in the air clashed like Titans that created an extravaganza lightning display with the thundering claps of the Cumulonimbus Clouds.  A down pour so intense, the visibility hardly got you across the street to see the neighboring yards.

It was hot, it was wet and it was unbearable.  Mother Nature was violating our patience and pushed us all to our limits.  Yes, it was only six months ago during the sub-zero temperatures with ice and snow when we couldn't wait until Summer.  When the weather was warmer and we could shed the extra clothing.  Well, here it is my friends, the Dog Days of Summer and there's only so much clothing you can shed before making a spectacle of oneself.

These days won't last long and before you know it it will be below the freezing mark on our thermometers and we'll start complaining again that it's too cold.

Enjoy these Dog Days of Summer!

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