Friday, August 5, 2016

Capture the Moment

I have always envied those who can capture a moment in time when photographing people.  Try as I might...  I never seem to emulate what others do so effortlessly.  Aim with the camera on the subject quickly and capture the moment in a split second. Easy, right?  Wrong!  At least for me anyway.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park enjoying the sights and of course taking some photographs.  With all the people touring and hanging out, you'd think it would be easy to take a few candids and come home with something worth keeping.  This newlywed couple are the only ones that I made it a point to take photographs of.  Trying to be Stealth-Like and capture the perfect moment, I snapped the shutter of my camera once, twice, then a few more times.  This is the only one photograph somewhat worth acknowledging.

I'll continue practicing this fine art of candid capturing in hopes that I can finally feel comfortable with it and produce something of value.  Meanwhile, I thinking about just sticking with photographing objects that don't move and what I normally present.

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