Thursday, January 7, 2016

Used Car

You're going to need an Abacus to keep track of all the shit you'll be getting in this Beauty!  You know all those normal people out there that freak out when they get a hair-line scratch? With this custom, "One of a Kind" paint job, a scratch or two will add to it's authenticity.

Don't forget those kick ass deflatable All-Terrain Tires and a cooling system that can't be beat... The faster you go, the cooler it gets. Who needs an Ice Scraper when there's no windows to frost up. Talk about not worrying having to be at work on time. Just turn the key and say a few Hail Marys that she'll start up... But just think about all that cash you'll be saving when she doesn't.

Walk, run or hail a cab to the Auto Mall to get your personalized custom Ride.  Tell em Unkle Steve sent yea!

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