Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Attic Bedroom

I climbed the last staircase to the third floor attic bedroom.  Each step creaked louder than the last and finally I made it to the top only to see that the floor has been sinking with a large dresser already falling halfway to the floor.  I crawled with all fours on the floor trying to spread my weight evenly as I continued with agile footing.  Like a gator wriggling out of the bog, I gingerly one-by-one placed a limb in front of the other.  The floor creaked as I laid on my stomach getting one photograph, then two and suddenly the floor dropped what felt like several feet as the door of a small refrigerator swung wide open.  In reality the floor only tilted an inch or so.

I captured one last photograph and froze as if I was standing on ice in the middle of a lake in fear that everything was going to give way by the slightest movement.  My heart was pumping and my muscles locked up as I desperately and ever so slowly retreated commando style until one foot was planted on the top step of the staircase.  Just as I got all fours onto firmly on the creaking stairs, that large dresser that was precariously hanging on halfway through the floor slipped a little more clinging onto the ripped carpet that's saving it from crashing onto the floor below.

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