Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Like" & "Share"

You know what really irks the Sh_t out of me about Facebook?!  "LIKE" & "SHARE" 

"LIKE if you remember it." "SHARE, if you owned it."  "LIKE if you have a Grandchild." "SHARE if it's the best Grandchild in the World!"  "If you agree with the cause, LIKE."  If you support the cause, SHARE."  "Do you agree?  "LIKE & SHARE if you do."  Whatever the case might be, I'm instructed to LIKE & SHARE.

Well here's what I'm going to SHARE with you...  Why should I be instructed to "LIKE" something and then go ahead and SHARE it?!  Who really benefits from this and what in God's name will happen if I don't LIKE & SHARE?  Will you be offended and unfriend me?  Will the World end?  OMG, I shudder to think of all the unfortunate things that might happen to me if I didn't "LIKE" & "SHARE" at everyone's command.

The "LIKE" option is there for you to press at your own free will. Not because someone tells you to "LIKE" something.  If I like or agree to what you post, I'll "LIKE" it and probably never SHARE it.  Pretty much Cut and Dried!

If I'm command to "LIKE" something, and then "SHARE" it  I'll most "LIKELY" NOT "LIKE" & "SHARE."  All because of a stupid ass thumbs up symbol to go along with 250,000,000 other Facebook Members who were told to LIKE & SHARE… 

"LIKE" that?!  Maybe NOT!

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