Sunday, August 13, 2017

Brown Prionid Beetle

Sitting on the front porch late last night with my Cousin enjoying a nice Arturo Fuente Cigar, this little guy stopped by to visit.  Possibly wanted to share a fine stoggie with us...  Well, this cool looking guy actually wasn't little, but more like three inches or so long not including antenna.  Thought maybe it was a type of Longhorn Beetle.

I later looked up to see who he was and discovered it's was a Brown Prionid Beetle (Orthosoma Brunneum).  I found little info on this Beetle other than they breed on Utility Poles and Railroad Ties as well as decaying trees and logs.

They rub their hind legs against their wings giving off a squeaky sound when feeling threatened.  Those jaws sure do look like they could create some damage!

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