Sunday, December 3, 2017

Statue of David

"Biblical Hero"

The Statue of David created by the magnificent Michelangelo (1501 - 1504) is as we know a huge Tourist attraction when walking through the Galleria dell' Accademia, in Florence, Italy.  With pun intended, the Statue of David is larger than life standing three times the size of man at 17 feet (5.1 meters) tall.  He was carved out of one unwanted single colossal block of marble.  One man's trash was turned into a treasure for Michelangelo that was carved into a masterpiece that planted the 29 year old's reputation solidly.

As many may not realize due to David's uncensored and massive size, he is know as a Biblical Hero.  When not being distracted, you may notice clues of who he truly was.  Clinching a sling over his left shoulder and clutching a rock in his right hand gives it all away that David was about to come head to head with the vicious giant Goliath.  David obviously being the underdog before bringing down Goliath now is famed for his heroic feat.

Though pictured here isn't the actual Statue of David, he has a history of events that the marble statue has gone through during the centuries of his existence.  Much too long to list here, possibly this blurb will inspire you to further read about an epic creation who's story isn't quite over yet!

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