Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ford F250 Super Duty R.I.P.

I’m not one to get bored of the vehicles I purchase.  In fact I’m one who likes to enjoy the ride long after it’s been paid off.  This beast hasn’t had a payment in over fifteen years as I used and abused her with hauling logs, Rocks, ATVs, and a Motorcycle.  She pulled floats in parades, boats as well as pulling other cars from ditches and trees out of the ground.  Off roading and snow was never an issue as she always took me home safe and sound.  But like all good things they never last forever as we sometimes think they will.

Many of you know this white Ford F250 Super Duty very well and some of you have even had the privilege to ride shotgun on some type of adventure.  But now I’m sorry to say goodbye to such a loyal vehicle.  With nearly 300K miles it’s time she spread her love in auto parts to help others with the same truck keep theirs as I hope as long as I did with mine.

Her last day on the road was just this Friday afternoon.  I neglected her by not pampering her with gifts.  So, I drove with bald tires, nearly no front brakes, a transmission that wouldn’t shift into higher gears as well as fighting to get in to stay in park.  Her exhaust system didn’t exist creating a signature sound that when arriving at my destination, everyone knew I was coming a few minutes before I got there.

This my friends is the last photo taken.  She will be missed dearly that it shed a tear when I said goodbye!


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