Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Forsakenly Departed

It was two years ago today when the name Forsakenly Departed was born.

Within that two years I have met some wonderful people who have the same interest as I within the Taphophilia, Cemetery & Abandoned Urban Explorations.  It's amazing how many people out there who are avid about these two genres that live in my back yard and/or work with along with those I connected with around the World.  People just seem to come out of the, um... Woodwork.

Last August I launched my website which is updated on the first of every month.  Other ideas are on the rise and will be revealed in due time.

I personally want to thank everyone for all the Love & Support that you have given me throughout the first two years and those who have inspired me to launch my website not letting my photographs go to waste in a hard drive that collects dust.

If you are not on the Forsakenly Departed Monthly Newsletter and want to be, simply contact me through my Website, Blog or Instant Message and request to be.  You'll be on the list in time for April's Newsletter.

Love & Peace to All!

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