Monday, April 10, 2017

Clinton Road

Dubbed the most haunted road in America

Clinton Road has been stirred up a bit the past couple of weeks on social media for some reason.  Possibly new discoverers have become curious of it's legends and lure.  I have traveled this narrow 10 mile (16 km) two lane stretch often as well as written about it.  The road has gained popularity and most who live in the area have grown to love and fear the unexplained events that occur.

Located on the borders of West Milford and Newfoundland, New Jersey one will travel broken asphalt due to little maintenance all the way to it's northern terminus at Upper Greenwood Lake.  This barren stretch with only a few homes and side streets has become a Pandora's Box filled with Ghosts, Witches, Satanists and the Ku Klux Klan who conduct unthinkable acts.  Not to mention deranged mix-breeds of animal life and a Phantom Black Pickup that will stop at nothing to run you off the road.  There are also rumors of well known Serial Killers dumping bodies into the surrounded wooded area never to be found.  It's no wonder this road is heavily patrolled by Police cruising in tandem.

If you want your imagination to run away enough to lose your wits about you, take a midnight ride ten miles down Clinton Road.  It's certain you'll come back with a tale to tell if you even make it out alive.  You'll have time to think about it while waiting at the county's longest traffic light just before entering the road.  During the five minute wait at the double crossing, you might change your mind and chicken out.  But hang in there and wait until the light turns green, look both ways as well as behind you, then proceed with caution

I'm driving, who's coming along?!

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