Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Angels are Closer than you Think

Angels are Closer than you Think

Angels are always around us, even when we have our doubts.  As they are around us, some rarely are in tune with their messages as we live in the present and conscious state.

A few signs that an Angel is present and watching over you:
  • Feathers:  Finding them where normally they wouldn't be found.
  • Numbers: Patterns of numbers are sure signs that an Angel is trying to communicate with you.  11:11 or 444 are perfect examples.
  • Rainbows:  If seen when there clearly isn't rain is a true sign or their presence.
  • Scents:  A sudden sweet, pleasant aroma of flowers coming from nowhere is known to have Angels present.
  • Feeling like you are being touched:  That tingling sensation running up and down your spine is one way an Angel tries to communicate with you.
  • Light Flashes:  Usually seen just outside your peripheral vision is a sign that Angels are near.

Angels are here with use, if you believe it or not.  Have the faith and communicate with an Angel!

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