Friday, May 25, 2018

Nest Eggs

Forgive me Father for I have Sinned

Last week had a severe electrical storm with extremely heavy winds that pulled up trees, throwing them onto houses and cars.   It also left many in thousands in New Jersey without power for several days.  I was a more fortunate than many as to only losing one small tree and without power for 24 hours.

This week when the weather cleared, I decided to up root the tree and rid it's mangled leaves and branches.  Two house Finches were chirping up a storm and flitting about the fence near me.  Well, upon chopping the branches up, I noticed this nest with one egg in it.  This is the nest of the angry House Finches that return every year to start a family.

Looking down, I saw two smashed eggs on the ground and one still in tact.  Placing the uncracked egg in the nest, I placed the nest into a different tree in hopes Mr & Mrs FHouse Finch would find it.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case and the two Birds abandoned the nest.

I feel bad for what I did and now the House Finches will not have a family to raise this Summer.  My wife tells me that they will build a new nest and start anew.  I hope this is true.

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