Monday, June 25, 2018

Averick's Department Store

Averick's Department Store

What once was a department store owned by Harry Avrick, he was one who has taken exceptional pride in being able to conduct quality sales and he feels that his customers will share his enthusiasm after visiting his store and seeing for themselves Just what he has to ofler.  Something to please the taste of the most skeptical buyer, is Mr. Avrick's watchword during this sales and he earnestly attends an invitation to his friends to visit his store any time.  When Avrick's advertises a sale, past records proved that it means a splendid opportunity for the purchasing public to select rare bargains from a stock of wearing apparel that is not surpassed In quality by many of the larger city stores.  Before going out of town, it was best to make it a point to visit Avrick's Department Store.  You will find what you need at a price that will prove a pleasant surprise to your pocketbook!

Once located right in the center of Rockaway, New Jersey!

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