Thursday, June 28, 2018

Running & Running

Running and Running
I'm falling Behind
Can't seem to catch Up
With my restless Mind

I keep slowing Down
I'm still so high Strung
My body is Old
But, my mind is Young

A rushing River
Crashing over Falls
Cascading on Down
As the World now Stalls

I'm moving Slower
Afraid to look Down
I look up and Ask
Please don't let me Drown

Fifty Million Volts
Will charge me back Up
With Felicity

Running and Running
And yes, one more Time
I'll try to catch Up
On an upward Climb

Need to take it Slow
And never look Back
Of mistakes I've Made
That ran me off Track

Think of those Volts
That will charge me Up
With Felicity

I'm known not to Stop
Always on the Move
Like Sharks in the Sea
With nothing to Prove

Running and Running
This will be the Last
Getting easy Now
Yes, this too shall Past


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