Friday, April 3, 2020

Tom's Diner

The legendary Tom's Diner a 1930's Silk City railroad style is the second oldest diner in New Jersey.  Known as the Diner Capital of the World sadly Tom's Diner closed it's kitchen for the last time in 2005.

For those of you around the world that this diner may look remotely familiar, it was featured in Cyndi Lauper's iconic 1984 video:  "Time After Time."  Restoring the diner was attempted but due to funds it fell at the waist-side.

If you want to see more photographs I took of Tom's Diner, visit my webpage: Tom's Diner and see how she looks today.

One last thought…  Could Tom's Diner be the reference after the 1987 song with the same name sung by Suzanne Vega?  Hmmm

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