Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Any Given Day

On any given day on Earth the average of 151,600 lives are lost due to various reasons. Yet the topic always remains a taboo as it's encouraged not to be spoken of unless it's imminent.

However, when we witness a love one on the brink between Life and Death… We conspire, seldom letting our loved ones leave in peace, Our selfishness denies their life to enter into the after life, knowing that we will never see them again? Possibly, it is that we don't actually know what happens after they pass.

I often wonder for I was a victim of selfishness nearly a year ago that I wouldn't let a loved one pass on in peace to the other side. Lifeless as he lay, I desperately tried to bring him back knowing his ultimate fate. Was he watching me from another part of the room as I was being selfish, pounding upon his chest in hopes to keep him here on Earth for just a little while longer.

I look back and think… This was my greatest battle with God, playing Tug-of-War with someone else's Life and Soul. Others tell me that I'm a Saint and now have Angels watching over me. Sounds so confusing and incomprehensible that I often dismiss the thought. But it's Inevitable, God always wins!

On any given day on Earth the average of 360,000 lives are born. Positive thinking right? Maybe it's just me being selfish?!

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