Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Full Service Out of Service

The Service Gas Stations of yesteryear have certainly put today's Econo-Quickie-Marts Stations to shame... The art of Full Service is truly a thing of the past. Yet, there are still only two states in America the have... Well... Semi Full Service Gas Stations. They are New jersey and Oregon.

Not saying that those states have full Customer Service. Do you remember the Service Attendant asking if you needed your oil checked, then wiping the fingerprints off the hood of your car after closing it. How about simply cleaning the windshield with a squeegee all for free? It's gone forever simply by sheer laziness and the fact that it's too much work for what they are paid.

For the rest of you in the other 48 states ... Step out of your vehicle and walk over to the the man in the glass booth talking on his phone in a tongue no one can comprehend, pay him and operate the pump yourself. Be careful not to spill the fuel onto your suit or pretty dress.  If you need change, run back to that gibbering character in the glass booth who acts like you're inconveniencing him to open the register and give back what you deserve.

Oh... If you need air, you better bring a pocket full of change, because it takes a lot of power to generate the pressure you need for you expensive tires.  You're on a timer, so no Dilly Dallying.

Have a Nice Day and Come Again!

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