Thursday, December 31, 2015


We all know that at times it is very difficult to say the word "Goodbye."  But the simple phase is always mistaken as never seeing each other again...  This might be the case, so we think.

Today I entered the House of the Lord not to awe the beauty of it's architecture or ornate stained glass windows.  I also stopped at a cemetery, not to stroll about the headstones and take photographs that you often see here.  In fact, I didn't have a camera at all.

Today, I came to pay respects to my Best Friend's (Cousin by marriage) Father who passed away.   I kneeled down and cried, not for my Friend's beloved Father who now has entered the afterlife of Eternal Peace, but to those who were close and adored him. Their grieving over a loved Father, Husband, Brother, Grandfather or Uncle pains me terribly as they say what we all think is that final goodbye.

As painful and as sad as it is...  I strongly believe that there's a bright new Angel in Heaven whom will be their Guardian, helping them cope with Life here on Earth.  For there will be a day when their paths will cross as they are truly destined to meet again.

So, until that time they meet again, Goodbye!

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