Friday, June 10, 2016

For Sinners Only

If you want to get to Heaven, You got to raise a little Hell!

So a Woman I never saw or met before randomly came up to me today and handed me this pamphlet with the title: "For Sinners ONLY!"  I looked up and asked:  "Am I a Sinner?"  She quietly walked away without a word.  I must be a Sinner for her to hand me this pamphlet...  But what about her?

I mean, she never transgressed a day in her life?!  She never Accused, felt Bitter, used Profanity, Despised, Gossiped, had Hatred, Lusted or had Prejudice?  "Well, Jesus Christ!" Oh, and using the Lords name in Vain.  These are just a few Sins many of us perform on a daily basis that will ultimately send us straight to Hell.  "Shit, I'm already half way there!" 

Didn't Christ come to save the Sinners?
Didn't Christ die for the Sinners?
Doesn't Christ invite the Sinners?
Don't saved Sinners go to Heaven?

"Oh My God!  I'm so confused!"  The way I see it is, that if you're a good Person who has a Loving Heart and Soul and does good unto others...  A little Cursing, Bitterness, Gossiping, Disliking, Fucking and having a slip of the tongue yelling out the Lord's name isn't going to place you in Hell!  If it does, I'll deal with that when the time comes.  No need to start redeeming myself now in hopes that I'll slightly have a chance in Hell to make to Heaven.


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