Monday, June 13, 2016

The Hunter

Wild & Withstanding ~ She is Adaptable Anywhere

Her slow deep wingbeats lower her majestic body down into the marsh, blending her in the tall grass.  She stately stands motionless and quiet for several minutes until she decides to stealth-like step through the tall grassy marsh making no sound or vibrations.  Ever so slowly she inches closer and closer to the murky water's edge and patently waits.  Like a statue, she remains with just the ever so slight tilt of her head in order to get a clearer look into the water.  Her Keen eye watching endlessly for an hour until she knows that it's the perfect time to execute what she sought out to do.

Suddenly without warning, like a lightning bolt shooting into the shallow waters, it's all over before you can comprehend what had just happened.  As the wild is never cruel or kind, it just happens as she had to hunt and kill to survive.  The strong survive and the weak perish as this is how it was meant to be.

Do we Pray and are not Prey or is it we are Prey without a Prayer?

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