Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Calm Before the Storm

The Sun rises just over the ridge, dissipating the morning's fog rapidly as clouds slowly creep from the west.  The Birds are singing in the trees joyfully as if it were a Spring morning anticipating the glorious day before them.  It's going to be a beautiful and unseasonably warm day to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

Little is known that Mother Nature has something else planned and it's being carried by those calm breezes blowing eastward.  When all are tucked away bed and the nearly full moon is hiding behind the clouds are are drastically being thickened, the Silent White will start to fall gracefully downward coating the Earth.

Don't be fooled by her calmness luring you to frolic and scamper in the forest catching the pure white flakes delightfully onto your tongue.  Mother Nature has much in store later as the winds gust with bitter cold chills as what once was the Silent White now fiercely obliterates the horizon making it impossible to navigate through.

The morning after today will possibly paralyze you and there's nothing you can do about it!

Stay Tuned...

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