Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fiat Spider

If you're like me and suffer with an extreme case of Arachnophobia, do not fret...  The Spider you see pictured is by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat.  This particular bella, a Fiat 2000 Spider was born in the late 1970's or possibly 1980 sporting the classic vintage look.  At the time I believe this war the only Turbocharged Convertible Sports Car in America.

When this Spider died is unknown.  However she lay to rest here as far as I know for at least fifteen plus years along with another vehicle taken out by a tree on the same abandoned property.  Other than the rag top and the front right fender, the body is in almost perfect condition.  Under the hood and the mechanics is another story I'm sure.

It saddens me to see such beauty wither away into nothingness with no hope of being restored.

"Nothing Moves You like a Fiat Sportscar!"

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