Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

Like most, this is a fun filled three day weekend to enjoy being away by camping, touring and/or being with family and friends who you don't see as often as you like.  A time of celebration with a couple of cocktails and a barbecue that can't be beat.  Kick back and relax with no worries other than enjoying good times.

Enjoy these precious moments you have for they are few and far away from each other.  For just a second or two, think about those who are working all three days of this beautiful holiday weekend, so you can enjoy that privileged free time that you have.  They won't have three days off, nor will they have that moment to spend with their loved ones and friends.  And while they are doing their part to make your live better and more enjoyable,  The relaxing recreation won't be had until their job is complete.

In the mean time, their free time is withering away like this mobile home, dying to be taken out on the road and enjoy the good life.  That's if of course, they make it back to enjoy life at all.


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