Saturday, September 23, 2017

Full Service

New Jersey is one of two states in the US that we don't pump our own gasoline, the other state is Oregon.  Now, at any given time I can pull up to this one particular gas station and be the only vehicle there wondering if they are truly open.  I'lI turn the engine off and it could take anywhere from five to seven minutes before I see the one and only Station Attendant who's there from sunrise to sunset emerge from God only knows where to assist my needs.

I know he wasn't Rotating Tires nor Winterizing cars for it's way too early in the season.  He couldn't have possibly be making any oil changes, because there wasn't any vehicles in the garage bays.  Where did he come from?  Not even from the cheap lawn chair sitting next to the electric heater.

Yet, whenever he comes around, he always has a smile on his face saying "Good Day!' and chats a mile a minute bringing a laugh or two.  His subtle charm and grace that makes you forget the inconvenience of waiting so long when pulling up to the pump!

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