Monday, November 27, 2017

Fiat 2000 Spider

There's an unknown story that lies within this Fiat 2000 Spider that's been parked in her final resting spot for over two decades.  A story that hasn't ended quite yet and when it does, we will not know until it happens.

For starters, it was extremely difficult to capture a clear photograph inside this Spider.  Blurriness and glares would prevent me from shooting a shot that would qualify as being somewhat decent.  The property and house was occupied with many Spirits and Apparitions.  Nothing bad of course, yet very inquisitive of my presence. We have captured orbs outside next to me and in the attic along with figure like images in a few windows.

This classic car was owned and driven by a young man who lived with his parents and younger sister.  Never falling in love himself, he was caught up in the evolution of insanity.  Always an Usher and never a Groom.  He had even caught the Bride's garter once which indicated he was next to marry.  This never proved to be true and by no means did it ever happen.  As you're reading this, that garter still hangs from the rear view mirror of the Fiat 2000 Spider wasting away along with the vehicle itself.

There has been recent activity on the property where this car sits, but nothing has changed except for a few "No Trespassing" signs posted and a small solar light placed near the front porch.  The car and many Spirits and Apparitions still remain waiting for the final chapter of the story that may never culminate.

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