Thursday, November 30, 2017

Porcelain Doll

Meet Liza

I was gifted this old beautiful Porcelain Doll from a friend that had her kept away in her Sister's basement for several years.  She's an amazing conditions other than some age old dust and a few markings that shouldn't be an issue to clean off.

Apparently my friend's Sister has been wanting to rid the doll for quite some time being that her vacant stare was making her feel uneasy.  I think she is quite beautiful as she stands three feet tall with a gorgeous blue Victorian era dress.

I'm trying to find out how old she is and who the maker is for there isn't any markings, tags or numbers I have seen as of late.  As I clean her up, I might find something.  She looks to be from the KB Collection due to the soft look of her angelic face as well as the style and embellishments on her long layered Victorian dress.  Also her name is undefinable, so we opted to call her Liza until I find out who she really is.

Stay Tuned!

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