Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Tree

Abigail was bullied and chastised throughout her young life by classmates, teachers and neighbors that it was too much for her to bear.  It was on the morning of her sixteenth birthday when she walked in despair through the open fields to the one and only tree standing.  As Abigail hiked her dress up slightly to advance and climb the tree, she shimmied out on the strongest limb and sat for a moment.

Abigail looked around the field one last time as the tears were rolling down her soft rosy cheeks and vowed that whoever comes and touches this tree will be cursed and for certain die a violent death.  And so, she tied a noose and placed it around her neck and jumped.

To this day if anyone touches the tree where Abigail hung herself, they have soon after suffered a horrific illness and passed away.  Yet, skeptics not believing the legend test it's real worth that's held in the balance of whether or not they should pursue.  The legend of the tree is true and has no mercy for anyone.

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