Friday, October 16, 2015

Luna Parc

After so many years, I finally had a day off from work when Luna Parc, home of Ricky Boscarino had his Open House! What an awesome cool crisp Autumn day it was! I've been wanting the opportunity to see Ricky's home for quite some time as he only opens it up for the public to see only twice a year and just for a couple of days.

Unkle Steve standing in awe outside the front of Ricky's home. A work in progress that began as a run down Hunter's Cabin which now looks truly amazing. You just don't know where to look first... So plan on spending a few hours if and when you venture there. Ricky states that this project will not be complete until his last day on Earth... At which time the project will remain as is.

The inside is simply magnificent with Mosaic Tiled floors and a plethora of items and memorabilia from around the world!

Luna Parc is now an official Non-Profit 501(C)(3). The Luna Parc Ateller Foundation Inc. Please remember Luna Parc is not open to the public other than specified days. Visit Ricky Boscarino's Luna Parc

The Chapel of the Saints

Early in the 20th Century Ricky's Grandfather Giuseppe Boscarino witnessed a miracle on the Feast of San Biaggio; Patron Saint of Comiso Sicily where the Boscarino Family hailed.

On this day (July 11), previous to 1924 when Giuseppe emigrated to this country, a young crippled boy was healed in presence of a great many onlookers including Ricky's Grandfather.

As he would retell the story throughout hislife, it would make his Grandfather cry and say he'd never forgot it as long as he lived.

This is the inside of the Chapel which was built and erected in 1999 to his memory of the miracle.

My contribution to Ricky... One of the items on his Wish List were license plates. I had a couple of duplicates laying around the house from vehicles that are long gone! Hopefully the next time I visit, I'll see them mounted on one of his license plate covered walls!

Stay tuned in the near future for a dedicated page on Forsakenly Departed explaining more about my wonderful visit to Luna Parc and Ricky's creations!

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