Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Jersey Devil Spotted?!

Could this be Real or a Hoax?

Little Egg Harbor resident Dave Black captured this photo in Galloway.
He believes it may be the Jersey Devil.
What do you think? (Photo provided by Dave Black)

The 200 year old Legend of the Jersey Devil resurfaces with proof of a photograph and video... Or, could it be a possible Halloween Prank to enrich your imagination and simulate the mind.

You be the Judge as you read the article from and what the Witness states he saw. Enlighten yourself when reading the full article: Is the Jersey Devil in Galloway Township?

Incase the article gets deleted from the site, at least you can watch the video by Emily Martin who filmed this in Leeds Point, New Jersey. The fabled birthplace of the Jersey Devil!

Halloween is coming... And so are the Tricks and Treats!

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