Tuesday, October 11, 2016


An Anthropologist visited a tribe in Africa many years ago and discovered something very unique with the Children that he never seen anywhere else he'd visit.  I found the story myself fascinating and quite inspiring that I can remember and refer to it quite often.  I will translate in my own words how I remember it.

The Anthropologist had a large basket filled with ripe fruit and placed it under a tree several meters of were the Children were playing.  He gathered the Children all together who's ages ran from toddler to teenage years and proposed a game.  As expected, the Children listened with anticipation and delight to what the game was all about.

He lined all the Children in a straight line side-by-side and directed their attention to the large basket of fruit under the tree.  The Children's eye lit up with glee when they knew that possibly they well be rewarded a treat.  The Anthropologist said:  "On my command, run as fast as you can to the large basket of fruit.  Whoever gets there first wins and can enjoy the reward of partaking the fruit."  He proceeded:  "Ready, set, go!"

The Children stood there motionless and looked at each other as they were starting to hold each other's hands.  They then ran towards to the tree where the large basket of fruit was without braking the bond of holding each other's hands.  They all stopped in front of the large basket filled with fruit and touched it at the exact same time continuing by sitting together as one, sharing and enjoying the fruit.

When asked by the The Anthropologist why they had ran together when one could clearly out run the others and have the entire basket to themselves, the Children responded:  "UBUNTU!"  Following up with:  "How can one of us be happy if all the other are sad?  We are one and together we can conquer greatness for all of us!"

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