Thursday, December 22, 2016

Good vs Evil

So, in the month of December the Devil has been trying to sabotage me.  He cut the lines in my pick up's transmission the first week, leaving me to stall out in the middle of busy intersections.  He snapped my break lines the second week, running me off the road as it was the only way for me to stop.  Then, the Devil decided on the third week to jack up my front end Ball Joints trying to break my axle and tear my wheels off, attempting to force me to a collision.

After the Devil sucked large amounts of money out of my wallet getting it all repaired, on the fourth week the he decided to blow out my front tire because he didn't succeed the first three weeks.

Where there is Good, there is always Evil
You cannot have one without the other

When Evil tried ever so desperately to overtake control of my Battered and Beat Up Forsakenly Departed pick up, Good prevailed.  The Angels were always by my side, guiding and protecting me.  One has to think of something good that comes out of all this.

There's one week left...  Keep the Faith!

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