Sunday, December 4, 2016



You're feeling the sensation of the World whirling around you as the floor is shifting, tilting and being pulled out from underneath you causing you to lose balance.  When standing it feels as if a Ghost is deliberately shoving you causing you to have to grab onto things to keep from falling.  Looking up makes the ceiling spin like a fan and looking down looks as if the floor is sloped and you're sliding down.

Nauseousness kicks in making you feel the need to vomit.  The mere sight or thought of food is so torturous that it heightens the nausea.  As your World rapidly spins faster and faster, Tinnitus happens, making your ears ring with defining sounds while your eyes twitch swiftly for a moment giving you Double Vision before it stops.

So after to increase the discomfort you are already going through is a Migraine headache that elaborate the dizziness and nausea.  Your body starts to shiver as you break out into a cold sweat and your gag reflexes trigger making you feel like vomiting again.  Your lose of coordination from being off balance makes you feel like you're sliding downward causing you to drop things.

These are all the symptoms of Vertigo that fortunately I never experienced.  However, my Wife is going through this as I type this and it appears to be hereditary as her Mother suffers as well as her late Grandmother.

I am the wall that keeps her from falling!

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