Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bring Your Own Chair

Yes, this it!

Your home town.  The place they as members of this community call home, and from time to time, leave it for elsewhere.  But, this is Home, Sweet, Home to you.

They say that every town has it's main street.  Well this is yours.  It was built with civic pride and remain proud of it's dignity with friendly, tolerable character.

The Fathers and Mothers in your home town are just plain, nice living folks.  The kind you read about in story books.  You know, main street folks who say: "Hello." and "Nice Morning."  Even when it rains on Mondays.

Many civic minded familiar faces we all know in your home town think their town is something to shout about.  Don't you?!  Let's call on some of our young Women and Men of tomorrow.

We're having a party and you're all invited.  All the food and fixing will be provided along with whatever you choose to wash it all down with.  Just bring your own chair!

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