Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Into the Night

When the sun sets low in the outer reaches of the city, what has been sitting lifeless all day will now begin to emerge from underneath the ruins.  The ruins that man created which makes ideal abodes for those who dwell.  Snakes, Rats and Spiders crawl and slither into the night with eyes wide open.  For this is now their time to do whatever it is they do to survive and carry on for future days.

The hunt begins and wars will break out between species.  Casualties will be had and little is spared.  But, the strong will sustain oneself to see another night and venture through uncharted territories.

When the sun rises dissipating the morning's mist that hovers over the town, what has been active all night now will crawl and slither back into their dwellings that man created to sleep it off.  Dreaming of how they survived and what will become the next time the sun disappears behind the tall brick structures that fade into the dark night.

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