Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fighting Cage

"Two Men Enter, One Man Leave"

Remember the Film with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner
Mad Max - Beyond the Tunderdome?

But here we're not trying to rescue a band of Feral Orphans.  We're trying to refrain those who treat us with little respect and the others who feel they have reign to say what they please without consequence.  This is the age where we treat those who treat us like shit and throw them into a cage were they have to battle their way out.  If you are so bold and strong to say as you wish, you certainly have the strength to put your money where your mouth is and fight your way out of this cage.

Yes, this is wrong, but admit it...  You thought of your own ways to punish the evil doers even though you'd never go through with it.  It's a fun and exciting scenario, none the less.  Treat those how you you want to be treated.  A simple behavior that most these days don't understand or just want to.

"We don't need another Hero," just people who treat others with a little Dignity and Respect!  Not much to ask...

OK I'm off my Soap Box and now we continue with a regularly scheduled post!


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