Friday, March 3, 2017

Pleasant Dreams

Oh, the sweet aroma of Grandma's home made Boysenberry Pies sat cooling off on the window sill piping hot from being baked in the oven.  A taste that goes down a treat after a night's heavy sup.  As for the cunning Fox who smells the aromatic scent wafting into the forest, he follows the trail right to the window of where the pies lay.

Licking his salivating chops from his snickering long snout hops onto the window sill sharpening his claw like utensils preparing for the feast.  A sweet binge this will be giving a long night's sleep that is deep with glorious dreams.

Eyeing the Sly Fox perched upon the window sill ogling over the pies, Grandma was a stern one who never put up with any shenanigans.  She swiftly grabbed her rolling pin and lunged for the devious Fox.  With a sharp blow to the window sill creating an impact so great that the Boysenberry Pies nearly catapulted into the red, yellow and purple Tulip garden.  The daunted Fox sprung like a Gazelle into the forest leaving just a tuft of fur from his bushy tail flitting through the air.

With nothing hurt other than pride, the sneaky Fox met his match to whom that knows about being mischievous.  For Grandma was not the one who we all knew and loved in fairy tales.  Grandma was the duplicitous Wolf who devoured Little Red heretofore.  As for the Fox, an empty tummy and sleepless night is had that will feel like an eternity until daybreak.

Pleasant Dreams my Puppies!

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