Saturday, March 11, 2017

U.S. War Bonds

Issued by the United States Government, War Bonds were originally called "Defense Bonds."  The name was changed after the brutal attack to Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941.  The last time War Bonds were issued were during this time in World War II when full time employment clashed with the rationing of goods.  The purpose of War Bonds was seen as a way to remove cash flow from circulation and at the same time reduce inflation.

Every Bond bought is actually money saved.  It's not just money gone with a puff of powder, a shriek of shell or the sinking of a ship.  It's money loaned to the United States Government to help ensure a decent World in which we live.  it is still your money to do as you please after the war is won as it will be there waiting for you, plus interest.

War Bond money after victory can be part or whole payment on what you have set your heart on most.  IYou might be surprised on how far the money from Bonds can go.  New materials like metals and new mass production methods to not only reduce prices after the war, but innovative ideas as well to electric appliances that you'd never dreamed about.  To start off with a new modern kitchen of tomorrow with new labor, time and food saving devices that will extend your wallet.

Don't be short-sighted and pass by a U.S. War Bonds booth at your location.  Don't rely on the wealthy are the ones who will buy enough Bonds to save America.  Every bit counts no matter how much is spent and realize that Bond buyers are those who are saving money for their own security, ease and happiness in the days ahead.

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