Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thiokol Spryte

Hiking through the forest one can find the oddest things tucked away and hidden by Mother Nature.  With a keen eye for finding trash, I found a gem of a piece that I never in a million years would expect to see.

Sitting in back of an abandoned 53 foot trailer, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a bright yellow vehicle of sorts overgrown by Weeds and Brush.  Curious, I ventured around the trailer to find out what caught my eye.  Stunned and excited, I discovered an old Thiokol Spryte ditched and neglected.  Surprisingly looking in decent shape except for the broken and discolored thick plexiglass windows.

I looked inside and would have loved to see if this pretty little Spryte would start up, but there wasn't a key to be found in the ignition or anywhere inside..  All the gages and levers seem to be in tact, however, the condition on the motor is unknown and if the Tracks and Sprocket Wheels were lined properly.  This beauty would take more than my Forsalenly Departed pickup to haul this grandeur of a ride out.

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