Friday, May 20, 2016

Unanswered Questions

What is it that when a loved one's life is on the brink we conspire, seldom letting our loved ones leave in peace?  As I have expressed in the past, our selfishness denies their life to enter into the after world, knowing that we will never see them again.  Is it for us, or is it for them?

The age old question of what happens after we pass…  This, we obviously won't have the answer to until our time has come.  To one loved one this has come suddenly, without warning or preparation and much too long before her time.  Loved by many and too abruptly for us to comprehend what truly happened.  Yes, with no doubt she will be missed.

Just a few short hours after incident, I randomly find an object in a secluded area where our loved one never stepped foot and most likely never knew existed.  A tiny Snow Globe Christmas ornament I spotted on the floor with a broken dome.  I pick it up and faced it towards me to look at the Snowman.  What shocked me was the name that was printed...  Donna, the same name of who we just lost a few hours earlier.  What are the odds with the thousands of different names in the World, her name comes up on an object I without anticipation picked up.

Is it her herself giving me a sign?  I asked myself: "Why Me?" for I was not exceptionally close with her.  Could it be that I'm open to possibility that she knows now I'm the only one who would be so acceptable for such a message...  Maybe it was the one person I was close to a year and a half ago whom we lost telling me she's with me and in peace now.

Again, questions, questions as they will never be answered until our fateful day when we will finally be in peace.  Heaven has acquired a bright new star who's looking down upon us comforting those who loved her and grieve.  Until our time we meet again, I pray for peace to be with you now through eternity!

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