Friday, September 23, 2016


blasphemy [ˈblasfəmē]
noun (pl. -mies)
The act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or Sacred things; profane talk

Blasphemy!  Oh I do it a lot!  Oh Yes, I expect NOT to PASS/GO and collect what I may think I deserve and Go DIRECTLY TO HELL without much discussion.  It was indicated to me today by a smartly dresses woman that blaspheming  "Jesus, Christ, God" is wicked and that I should stop.  My response back was "Who are you to tell me or anyone else what to do?!  That  my Dear smartly dressed Woman is what you should stop doing!"

Whether you like it or not, blasphemy is part of everyday life.  We’re no longer in the dark ages for God Sakes!  The inquisition or dodging issues like whether a King can change religion is long gone.  Our lives have changed.  Our language has changed.  It always has changed and always will.  Deal with that change, cause it's still changing rapidly before your eyes!  Otherwise we would be "Theeing, Thouing and Forsoothing" all over the place.  Language is about fluidity and cultural identity.  We change with the times and times are endlessly changing from Old English into today's vocabulary that consists of made up words from an Urban Dictionary.

Vernacular changes.  No one is WRONG as no one is RIGHT.  Blaspheming is no different.  If you don’t want to use particular words to enhance a sentence, then don’t.  But, by the same token don’t expect other people to adhere to what you set as YOUR standards.

As for the presumption of me being wicked?  I consider it more as the freedom to be myself and follow my own rules without fear or favortism…  I Swear to God!

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