Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Morning's Sun

The early morning Sun shines through last night's Beer.  Missing you draws me near your Soul as I drown my sorrows in a cheap case of Piss Warm Beer.  The Sun's rays blind my overloaded head that's ready to explode and the tin can taste lingers in my cotton filled mouth that gives me the sensation of socks covering my tongue.  I desperately try to produce saliva to moisten my palette but it's much too arid to comply.  Just as the Sun's rays just crest the tops of the trees, I noticed an unsealed envelope with a letter inside that read:

My Beloved Charlene,

"Your presence not being here is far too much for me to handle as I cannot go on without you.  It seems when I'm completely inebriated it's the only excuse and way I can cope.  My extreme despair and apathy has made me highly considered to take my own life only to be with you again.  However, as been told, that would not the answer for I wouldn't be saved.

My Dearest Charlene, the agony being without you is unbearable and I pray for guidance and the courage to go on.  I know I will be in the good hands of God and I will live the duration of my mission here on Earth.  As for in Heaven we will both be together again in eternal peace.

I love you with all my Heart!

It seems that the letter was written by myself the week prior watching the Sun rise and drowning my sorrows in a cheap case of Piss Warm Beer!

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