Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sea Shanty ~ Rise Again

Scrape her and scrub Her
From Barnacle on her Hull
Chop up the Bait
It's what ye Hate
And give some to the Gull

Rise Again
Ye sail out to Sea

Loyal to six or more Men
More precious than a Whore
Hard we push Her
Yet she still Purr
Drunken Sailor Swore

Rise Again
She sail out to Sea

Sail on gale through stormy Seas
Cresting ninety feet Swell
Cling to the Deck
Fear might ship Wreck
Wading through waves of Hell

Rise Again
Thou shall might Pee

But ye always make it Home
With Maidens awaiting on Shore
With a tight Hug
In bed we Snug
And ye still beggin' for More

Rise Again
She do it for Me
Rise Again

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