Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Curtis Specialty Paper Superfund Site

Twenty year old Woman tragically falls to her death.

It's sad to see when someone loses their life during an exploration in abandoned places.  As an Urban Explorer myself, I don't promote trespassing in dangerous locations and certainly don't promote exploring in the wee hours of the night.

The other day Rachel Elizabeth Curry an adventurous World Traveler had plunged to her death at the young age of twenty.  She was scaling a catwalk and fell near the smokestack at the Curtis Specialty Paper Mill around midnight on September 9, 2016. Speculation is that she lost her balance but nothing has been confirmed.

The paper mill located on the Delaware River in Milford, New Jersey literally on the border of Alexandria Township. has been out of operation since 2003 for contaminating the Soil as well as the Ground Water as it became a Superfund site in 2015.

Many cringe and cannot comprehend the fascination of exploring abandoned places thinking is Morbid and Dangerous...  To them, it's simply Stupid and Unacceptable. Yet, most don't know that there is a thrill seeking such places just like the thrill of Mountain Climbing, Hang Gliding or Jumping out of an Airplane.  Yes, they are dangerous as well though it is accepted.

A sad ending to such a beautiful young life of someone who has seen a lot of the World before her departure.  My condolences to her Family and Loved ones and may she rest in eternal peace!

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