Monday, September 12, 2016

Drake's Tomb

Looking through the Gothic window of Drake's Tomb

Who is Drake you ask?  Best known for "Devil Dogs," Yodels," "Ring Dings," "Coffee Cakes," "Funny Bones." & "Zoinks!"  Let's not forget my personal favorite, "Fruit Pies" highly enriched with Non-Saturated Fat or as those who don't want it to sound unhealthy: Hydrogenated Oil.

This is where one of the founders: Newman E. Drake (December 16, 1860 ~ May 18, 1930) lay to rest in this humble yet beautiful Mausoleum along with his loving Wife Elizabeth Herben Drake (June 3, 1859 ~ October 29, 1959).  The small details like you see here in the window treatment make it all the more beautiful!

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