Wednesday, November 16, 2016

House on the Hill

A road I pass by quite frequently and today decided to venture down it.  Signs littered stating it's private property as only residents are allowed to enter.  We're not residents and still we traveled to see where this narrow road will take me.

Slowly climbing upward, my pickup chugs as we come across this house up on a hill all boarded up.  Just as we passed this inviting looking house looking for a place to park, we came across an archway with a camera mounted and angled to catch any vehicle passing through.  Lucky for us we didn't have to drive through it.

What once looked to be a beautiful house now sits there deteriorating through time.  It was unfortunate that we were unable to go inside due to everything boarded and locked up, so we just took a few snapshots and went on our way.

It turns out that this was a lake community that wanted us outsiders away.  However, as I always say, there's something to strike up anyone's interest down those lonely roads that you pass by every day.  You just need to turn onto them sometimes to find those hidden treasures!

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